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Every business is an online business now

Every company needs a well thought-out digital strategy, a plan and a goal in mind. For you and your employees it is even more important to build up digital know-how. I accompany you and your company on the way to becoming a digital professional.
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  • 1) Let's get to know each other

    Before we talk about specific measures and your options, let's get to know each other. Gladly by phone, but I am also very happy to come to your company.

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  • 2) Status and potential analysis

    A status and potential analysis is essential so that we know where we are and where we can start. With the KMU Digital Fund, this analysis will only cost you EUR 100 instead of EUR 500!

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  • 3) With a clear strategy to your goal

    Does your strategy match your goals? Did you include the digital transformation? Don't have a strategy yet? No problem, we develop your corporate strategy to ensure your success.

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Regardless of whether you buy a car or use new software, a test drive or a test phase is now standard before the purchase.

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The next step

We know the initial situation roughly and where the journey with your company should go. Now it is important to know the current status. Therefore, the next step is to carry out a status and potential analysis.

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Achieve the right goals with a strategy

You must have many ideas and big goals. Whether in sports or at work. Without a strategy, every goal is just a dream. Or do you leave your success to chance?

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Success rarely comes by itself - in close cooperation with my customers and partners, we successfully develop digital solutions with real added value.

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5. -> Hoch hinaus - jetzt richtig Geld verdienen und skalieren!

Your online business is picking up speed. Now it's time to build and expand your success. With the right scaling measures, you can achieve your goals even faster and more effectively.
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Know how to do it!

The speed of further development in the field of digitization and technology is breathtaking. With the right coaching, you not only focus on the essential things, but also know how to assess new trends and further developments.

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KMU Digital Förderung

Hol dir deine KMU Digital Förderung für deine persönliche Analyse zu digitalem Status- und Potenzialen, Strategie und für die Umsetzung.

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Website, online shop or both?

This answer is easy! Corporate websites are still very popular these days, but more often than not, customers are looking for the quickest way to purchase a product or service! I have also replaced my classic website with an online shop. This has many advantages! You want to know more? Then do the short test!

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Climate Alliance operation

It goes without saying for me to be a climate alliance company . If you want to find out more, just visit the website www.klimabuendnis.at .

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