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My name is Chrisabel and I come from a beautiful place in Upper Austria. I have been living in Salzburg by choice since 2007 and have travelled and lived in horizon-broadening countries for a little longer since then. Originally, trained as  insurance clerk customer service, advice and sales were an important part of my professional life very early on. In addition, there was a certain talent for explaining things that cannot be physically grasped that easyily.


I made my first "attempts to walk" in the digital world when I was young (with my youthful carelessness) but took me a while to realize that this is the area that can permanently captivate and fascinate me.


Over the years I have acquired a very broad and in-depth know-how (especially in the area of e-commerce and software development) and I love tackling new projects as a challenge. It is very easy for me to switch back and forth between the worlds (technology, business and end customers) and to speak the respective "language" of the recipient. As a solution-oriented person, the glass is always half full and there is "not possible" in my universe.


In addition to classic web projects, I have been involved in large e-commerce projects as a project manager and product manager in recent years, further with the support of remote teams I developed  and delivered globally used mobile applications as a product owner and try out software solutions, i.e. so-called "MVP" (minimum viable products).


Now I advise and support companies and new self-employed people mostly in German-speaking countries on their digital journey. A partnership and long-term cooperation is particularly important to me, so that continuous further development is possible on both sides. The world is turning faster and faster and especially in the digital area there is no such thing as "learned, done, dusted".

My focus is on consulting and strategic support as well as support in the implementation of any digital projects. With selected partners and agencies, I support the journey and try to take away the fear of digitization that occurs again and again. A new development is not always necessary, often the right selection of a standard software is the way to go. Together we work out the requirements and select the next steps and the best approach based on prioritization available ressources and goals..

Ideally, it is quickly clear in the first meeting where the journey can lead. Therefore, I always recommend a non-binding discussion in order to explore the possibilities transparently and openly.

In addition to "learning by doing", I also actively educate myself and certify my know-how constantly. Some certifications can help my customers to gain public funds, such as KMU.DIGITAL funding for austrian small and medium sized companies.


My certifications:

"Digital Consultant" from UBIT - Incite -> Qualified expert for KMU.DIGITAL funding initiative



Find out more - here are the details.


"Social Media & E-Commerce Consultant" from UBIT - Incite -> Qualified expert for KMU.Digital funding initiative.


Find out more - here are the details.



"Climate Alliance company" since 2022 -> As a strong advocate of treating our planet with more respect, I have also been a climate alliance company since 2022 and have committed myself to acting more sustainably in all areas of life.

You can find out more about the Climate Alliance operation here.


If you want to know more about my professional self, connect with me on LinkedIn -> click here for my profile.

I look forward to your message and exciting digital challenges!